“...not-to-be-missed World Premiere of the immersive and intimate art performance from Alba Albanese”

“It comes down to a longing for human contact...

...Today, everything is dehumanized by technology. We miss the intimacy of the Gilded Age — a handwritten letter, flowers at the door, giving a lock of hair, looking into someone’s eyes, feeling a human touch.

There is a void today, and people want connections. We want storytelling and poetry in our lives.”

She has a gift. She IS a gift, and one that hundreds and hundreds of people have been blessed to open and be opened by."

I was absolutely floored by Alba Albanese’s work in “Home of Enchantments.”

It’s a one-on-one experience where Alba plays a character named Belle, a spiritually gifted yet troubled individual who calls upon you to help her through an especially dark, trying situation.

It’s an extensive tale that requires a powerhouse performance from Alba that not only hits the beats of the story crafted, but also comes with interactive emotional elements that feel deeply personal. It’s a beautiful mix of making the participant feel vulnerable and on edge while also sending you on your way with a surprisingly full heart.

(And the fact that Alba conducted one of these shows after the next at Overlook is absolutely astounding.)"

Saunder Gusinow

Barbed Wire

“Creator Alba Albanese is exceedingly inventive; she’s taken the things most bothersome about immersive theatre and banished them from her work.”